Integration of Lithuanian Business into International Development and Innovation Value Chains

Managing partner:

Duration: 2019.11.01 – 2022.11.30

Budget: 2 046 264,00 Euro

The goal of the project is – to create a network of Lithuanian Development and Innovation Representatives (“Ambassadors”), who would communicate the potential of Lithuanian Development and Innovation (D&I) abroad: by increasing the funds attracted by Lithuanian entities from international R&D&I programms; by attracting investments in innovative projects for the global market and export high value-added products and services (innovations) (helping companies to get out of the R&D “sandbox” in Lithuania).


In Lithuania, most investments are made in research and their infrastructure (e. g. instrument “Intellect LT”), whereas development and its infrastructure receive significantly less attention (e.g. instruments “Inoklaster LT” and “Intellect)) and EP infrastructure (measures: Inoklaster LT, Intellect LT), i.e. while investing in the R&D potentialnot enough attention is given to the transformation of that potential into innovation and income. Part of the potential created by R&D is used, but it usually takes place locally – in the territory of Lithuania. Business together with research and study institutions that generate commercial income for R&D services and clusters, focus on Lithuanian market, thus leading to “sandbox” effect. Export of high value-added products (R&D-based innovation and R&D services) is low. Lithuanian export of high-tech products ranges between 5-8 percent. of total export (one of the lowest indicators in the EU). The participation of Lithuanian entities in the EU’s R&D&I programms is sluggish and passive. In more than 90 percent. of the cases, Lithuanian business entities participate in projects as partners with small budgets rather than as project coordinators.

The problem is that individual Lithuanian economic entities (with rare exceptions in the biotechnology, laser and photonics, information technology sectors) do not have the potential to integrate independently into international D&I value chains (they are trapped in the sandbox of R&D).





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