Lithuanian Innovation Centre‘s mission is providing innovation support services by implementing Lithuanian innovation policy.

The main strategic goal of LIC is the increasing of Lithuanian international competitiveness by stimulating innovations in business. This goal is divided into the following objectives:


Shareholders of LIC are: 


The Public Institution Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) is a non-profit organisation, providing innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and business support organisations.

LIC provides public (free of charge) innovation support services and promotes innovation culture in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre activities are organised on the project basis. LIC takes part in various tenders, calls for proposals announced by the European Union, other international organisations and Lithuanian Government. Activities are carried out and services provided after the applications are approved and financial support is ensured.

Since 1996, LIC has carryied out more than 100 projects.

Each year LIC on average provides 5000 cases of services (consultations, trainings, researches, technological missions) for more than 1000 clients (business enterprises and research institutions).

Today, LIC employs a core team – permanent staff of more than 20 persons.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre was established 1 February 1996 as a non-profit organisation and was reorganized into public organization in 1997.

The first shareholders and founders of LIC were the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Education and Science and Lithuanian Stock Innovation Bank.

Lithuanian Innovation Centre
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