Smart InoTech industry

Facilitation of implementation of smart specialization R&D results by digitizing production processes in industrial enterprises

Managing partner:

Duration: 2019 March – 2022 March (36 months)

Budget: 2.2m Euro

The goal of the project is to encourage Lithuanian industrial enterprises to absorb (implement) R&D results in the field of Smart Specialization by digitizing production processes in order to increase the production of high value-added products.


Efficiency of Lithuanian innovations, i. e. the impact on the economy leading to increased competitiveness, is particularly low. It shows that there is a large “Death Valley” in Lithuania between R&D results (creation of new knowledge and technologies) and innovations (implementation of technologies). All this determines the structure of the Lithuanian economy to be based on lower added value. In order to transform the Lithuanian economy towards new, higher value-added activities, it is necessary to significantly increase the number of companies in the economy, especially those engaged in development and innovation activities, and to create incentives for the creation of innovations with greater economic impact based on new knowledge. The importance of innovations and their specifics in business is thus greatly determined by the global industrial development trends associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

To address these challenges, it is necessary to focus innovation support and advisory services on:

  • minimizing the “Death Valey” between R&D results (creation of new knowledge and technologies) and innovation (introduction of technologies)
  • creating incentives for the absorption of R&D results for industrial digitization
  • stimulating the demand / supply of digital innovations
  • involvement in the value chains of the development and deployment of digital innovations based on EU R&D results
  • the development of R&D&I activities through the application of digital innovations
  • the formation and development of digital innovation hub (DIH) services





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