A personalised, customised, work-based training framework for enhanced cyber-security skills across industrial sectors

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Cybersecurity training is fundamental to help employees protect themselves and their companies against cyberattacks and threats. Cybersecurity training empowers employees with the expertise to identify cyber threats and determine the right actions to mitigate them. However, many organisational and economical limitations hinder companies, particularly SMEs, in effectively training their personnel. The Transport and Manufacturing (TM) sectors have efficiency constraints; thus, their employees are not easily involved in long traditional training courses.

The CYRUS project proposes a novel training system to create an innovation DNA on cybersecurity for TM organisations. A complete set of skills and measures to be vigilant to identify and respond to cyber-attacks will be delivered within the CYRUS framework, which exploits innovative methods for training implementation and delivery. Virtualisation, dedicated cyber-range simulations in operational settings, and work-based learning will allow timely and efficient course delivery, overcome the current hindrance, and raise interest in the awareness program and good practices.

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Project is funded by the European Union (Horizon Europe No.: 101100733).

Project duration: 2023.01.01 – 2025.12.31

Project budget: 3 247 642,60 Eur

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