International development of companies by connecting them to international value creation networks

BEE NET B(uilding) E(uropean) E(xport) Net(works) is a EU funded project, which aims at supporting inter-firm cooperation amongst European micro, small ad medium enterprises (SMEs) that intend to enhance their presence in the international markets and seize the opportunities of an ever-changing economic scenario.

This project will help SMEs in setting up European Business Networks (EBNs) able to create synergies, implement actions and achieve results according to joint internationalisation strategies. Operating through EBNs, single SMEs can find solutions, exchange ideas and processes, overcome obstacles and enhance competencies.

BEE NET project is based on client journey approach: SMEs will be supported step-by-step along the path aimed to the actual implementation of each BNs internationalization strategy. BEE NET will help SMEs to implement new European Business Networks (EBNs) based on horizontal cooperation or vertical cooperation.

The aim of the project is to develop and test a public service package oriented at helping European SMEs to grow by helping them to connect to value chains and business networks.


Projekto partneriai:

Duration – 2019.04.01 – 2021.04.30 (25 months)

Budget – 273 300 Eur

Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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