Innovation consulting and business support services

Managing partner:

Duration: 2017 March – 2020 March (36 months) prolonged

Budget: 3 815 791,31 Euro

The goal of the project is to increase the innovativeness of enterprises and to motivate them to develop R&D&I more actively, by providing enterprises with innovation consulting and support services.


In order to increase the competitiveness of economic entities, it is necessary to encourage business investment in research and development and innovation (R&D&I) activities. Lithuanian companies lack knowledge required for the efficient performance of R&D&I activities within the whole innovation cycle – starting with the concept of product development and finishing with its introduction to market. In order to solve this problem, during the implementation of the project, innovation consulting and support services are provided to economic entities that carry out or intend to carry out activities in accordance with the priorities of research and experimental (social, cultural) development and innovation development (smart specialization) directions. This encourages companies to develop R&D&I activities more actively and contributes to their innovation and competitiveness.

The project helps to reduce the fragmentation of the current provision of innovation advisory and support services, as the project activities involve public bodies (LICs) and science and technology parks (STP), whose main activity is to provide innovation advisory and / or innovation support services, and in which the state is a shareholder, and national business association structures bringing together regional and sectoral business associations whose members carry out R&D&I activities. The project promoter coordinates the specialized services provided by the partners to meet the specific needs of the innovative business. The services are provided by the staff of the project promoter and partners with experience in providing high quality innovation advice.


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Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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