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Remote service hub for SME’s and public sector

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The key challenge of the project is the uncertain global situation which has decreased the resilience of individuals, companies, regions and even international entities. The losses are not only monetary, but people have faced the new way of remote work, which requires skills that were not commonly used in an online setting before.

DistanceLAB creates tools to improve the stakeholders’ resilience and adaptability by improving their skills in remote activities, especially distance soft skills (DIS). The developed tools and methods are divided into 3 categories: communication and innovation, sustainability and remote business strategy.

Project website: https://interreg-baltic.eu/project/distancelab/ 

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Project is acting under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.

Project duration: 2023.01.01 – 2025.12.31

Project budget: 2 817 691,51 Eur

Lithuanian Innovation Center
Organization code 110066875
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